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[Pinned] "How to" for Turbine signatures

Hi all... Several kinnies have expressed interest in the LOTRO signature that I have. This is how I obtained it:1) Go to this link The log-in button is in the upper right hand corner of the page. Log-in using y...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Language and posting

This kinship has been and always will be rated "G" so that means we have people on the game and the web page as young as 8-9 years old .So if you post something offensive or mature expect it to be removed.
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[Pinned] Basic Hunter Tips for Rangers

(Note: the following guide will allow you to solo pretty will up to lvl 30 as long as you dont fight anything 6 level above you or any weird f*** up Elite bosses)Equipment1-Your Armor doesnt matter: Whenever you buy equipment, remember to pick whi...
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Cleaning Forum

I am currently cleaning the forums up. Feel free to add new post as they will be safe.
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Professions List

Thought this might help us out a bit... Post up your professions/crafting skills, and what level. If you want to get really *overly* detailed, i suppose recipes known or looking for too. I'll give an outline if people want to follow-Armorsmith-Me...
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Class Guides?

There's not many on here who play wardens/guardians, but would anyone be interested in some tips/advice threads in their area? Guardians, in particular the higher levels, are something i can probably help with.
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PvP 101

Hi everyone! I want to share this link with people who are interested in PvP. A must read for those embarking on the "Moors" for their first time or a reference for vets.Pvp 101
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General Help

Update 2 Echoes of The Dead Official Release Notes

For anyone that want's to know all that Echoes of the Dead was for click the link below.LOTRO Update 2: Echoes
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